What was unfair and unlawful about the Cross 8 – Conclusion

8.  Conclusion

God should spit in my face, and punch me, and slap me, and execute me, and condemn me, but Christ took my place…  I was once a captive at the will of Satan, but Christ became a captive that I might be set free.  I was once an outcast forsaken… but Christ became forsaken… that I might be made forever a member of the family of God.  I was once denied compassion and … sympathy, but Jesus went to a compassionless death, and is now my sympathetic high priest…  I was once accursed from God, but Jesus became accursed for me.  I was once a false witness, who denied the truth about Christ, but Christ endured false witnesses to make me His own, and now no one can ever bring an accusation against me, even it’s true, that will stand against my salvation.  I saw Jesus silent for me; shall I not fill my mouth with praise for Him?  I was dead, but Jesus died that I might live.

John MacArthur,
Matthew 26:62-68, 2390,
January 27, 1985.

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1.  Background
2.  The arrest
3.  The trial
4.  The sentencing
5.  The judges
6.  The execution
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