What was unfair and unlawful about the Cross 7 – Summary

7.  Summary

The arrest, trial, sentencing and execution of Christ were unjust and unlawful:

  1. Unjust: Jesus’ friends did not pray with him
  2. Unjust: His disciple betrayed him
  3. Unjust: His followers abandoned him
  4. Illegal: The Sanhedrin bribed Judas
  5. Illegal: Jesus was arrested at night
  6. Illegal: There were two high priests
  7. Unjust: Peter denied knowing Jesus
  8. Illegal: There was an extra interrogation before only one judge
  9. Unjust: A servant hit Jesus
  10. Unjust: Jesus was charged with blasphemy
  11. Unjust: The Sanhedrin spat on Jesus
  12. Illegal: The Sanhedrin brought the charges
  13. Illegal: The witnesses did not agree
  14. Illegal: The high priest tore his clothes
  15. Illegal: The Sanhedrin convened before dawn
  16. Illegal: The trial only took one day
  17. Illegal: The trial was on the day before the Passover
  18. Illegal: The verdict was unanimous
  19. Illegal: The sentence was based on His own confession
  20. Illegal: Sentence was pronounced in a forbidden place
  21. Illegal: The judges were not impartial
  22. Illegal: There was no defence
  23. Unjust: The charges were inconsistent
  24. Unjust: The Sanhedrin kept ceremonially clean but committed murder
  25. Unjust: The crowd chose to free Barabbas rather than Jesus
  26. Unjust: Pilate found Jesus innocent
  27. Illegal: Herod was out of his area of jurisdiction
  28. Unjust: Jesus was almost certainly flogged more than 39 times
  29. Unjust: The Roman soldiers put a crown of thorns on Jesus
  30. Unjust: The curse of death by crucifixion
  31. Unjust: Jesus was crucified between two thieves

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