Technical Authoring

Technical Manuals

Manuals are necessary to standardise procedures so that they can always be done the same way with the same results. Technical manuals contain step-by-step instructions in plain language. Simple manuals (like instructions for using an iron) can be written on one sheet of paper, or complex manuals (like those for aircraft systems) can be written in several books, each addressing one aspect of the system.

There are Description, Maintenance, Operation, Overhaul, and Service Manuals, and Illustrated Parts Catalogues (IPCs) and lists of effective pages (LEPs).

For the origination of any new text, a technical author combines information from:

  1. chief engineers and technicians
  2. library and vendor documents
  3. engineering drawings
  4. wiring diagrams.

These days, manuals do not have to be written; they can also be in photograph or video form. I can:

  1. take photographs
  2. make models
  3. plan, video and edit documentaries
  4. write the script and have Anne do the narration.

All text and drafts are submitted to the Client’s engineers for ratification.

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I have been taking photos since I was a teenager. Buying a Nikon D3100 in 2011 rekindled my interest, and then I found it useful to include photographs in my technical manuals.


I bought a Sony PD100 in 1999 and have been honing my skills as a videographer ever since. I am a member of the Johannesburg Video Club, and have learned much from the outstanding videographers in the club.

We meet from 9:00–12:00 on the second Saturday of every month in the Training Room at Foseco, 12 Bosworth Street, Alrode, Alberton.

Greenstone Modellers’ Club

I am a founding member of the Greenstone Modellers’ Club. My hobby is making model tanks, trains and layouts but other members make all sorts of things.

We currently meet to encourage and advise one another every third Tuesday from 18:00 onwards in the vicinity of Greenstone Mall, Edenvale. Use the contact form below to ask me where the next meeting will be.

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