About Anne Denniston’s work

“Thank you for the very clear instructions. As always, I’ve learnt some additional information from you, which I will implement in future. You stand out from the crowd! Always willing to assist and advise.” – Liza

“I had a few doubts whether somebody who is not familiar with this particular terminology could really help. I was wrong! Some sentences which took me hours to explain to my supervisor were improved in the exact terms that should have been used.” – Filippo Fossi

“It’s been a pleasure working with Anne. Throughout the process, she was always professional, and it showed in the level of her work. I can definitely recommend her work.” – Andrie de Beer, author of Pax Striker 1

“Oh Anne, it looks beautiful. Thank you! Thank you! To see all my hard work set out so beautifully.  Words cannot explain how I feel.” – Michelle

“Your work is exemplary!”  – Warren

“Thank you for editing my work.  As usual, it is of the highest standard.” – Vaneshree

“Thank you so much for believing in me and for your help. Yes, I paid for your assistance – but it was more guidance (than assistance); and that is something money cannot buy. As you assisted me, please also do unto others. Don’t ever underestimate your gift.” – Mmabatho

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