Anne Denniston – Technical Editor

Being a technical editor means I check copy (a document) for grammar, punctuation, spelling, logic and flow. But before I do that, I do what most editors don’t do – I format the document by applying styles to make it look good.

I love to work in a team to create excellence. Nobody can check their own writing properly (not even an editor) – so it is not a disgrace to admit you need to team up with someone who can edit your work; it is wisdom! Together, we make it better.

I am an advanced user of the whole Microsoft Office suite. I work with Word to format the documents I edit; Excel does the calculations; Visio does the diagrams; PowerPoint presents the summary;  and Outlook keeps me in contact with the authors. Being able to integrate the programs has enabled me to help new business owners to brand their documents.

I enjoy teaching people what I know so that they too can use computers to make their work easier.

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I visit the children at Avril Elizabeth Home once a month with a group of people from NewDAY Church, Edenvale. If you are looking for a charity to donate to or a church to belong to, you can’t do better.

Here is a lighthearted example of an edited page.

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