Good Friday Thoughts

What was unfair and unlawful about the Cross?

Injustices and Illegalities on the Way to the Cross

On the first Good Friday, Jesus not only suffered dreadful physical pain for our sins, but also psychological pain because what was done to him wasn’t fair, and mental pain because what was done to him wasn’t legal. Part of why he did this was so that no one can ever say to God, “You don’t know what I’m going through – it isn’t fair!” or “it isn’t legal!”

Unfortunately, my web server cannot handle a post that is the equivalent of a 16-page document so I had to split it up into eight posts. However you can download the whole article as a PPT presentation, a Word document or a PDF, if you prefer.

1.  Background
2.  The arrest
3.  The trial
4.  The sentencing
5.  The judges
6.  The execution
7.  Summary
8.  Conclusion

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