4K Video Downloader

4K Video Downloader

This is such a useful free program!

Nowadays, I mostly use the 4K Video Downloader to download training webinars because it downloads them much faster than they play. That means I don’t have to waste time on the internet when I am busy. I can view them later at my leisure.

I also use it to download music videos so I can familiarise myself with them before projecting the words overhead for the congregation during church services. Afterwards, I use its sister program, 4K video to MP3, to convert the videos to audio so I can use less of my laptop’s memory to listen to the music while I am doing a repetitive proofreading task. (I cannot listen to music while I edit.).

I just copy or drag the URL to the Paste Link button. If it is a link the program can download, a big red plus appears in the button. A progress bar shows the MB/s, how many MBs have downloaded and how many remain. Then the progress bar goes white for some time while the program processes the download. The preferences can be set to ring a bell when the download is complete.

Click here to find out more, such as how the program handles a playlist.

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