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Policies and Procedures

Having policies and procedures (US methodologies) is important to business continuity, business excellence and consistent practices. Smart managers are glad to have them. But…

policies too often remain in draft form because no one wants to sign them off. Procedures are usually not even started – except when required for ISO accreditation.

The problem is twofold: first, writing the policy and procedures, and second, signing them off. The first part of the problem can be solved by getting someone else (like me) to write the policy. Solving the second part of the problem is still up to the top management: Someone just has to take a deep breath and SIGN.

Then come the procedures that describe the nitty-gritty, step-by-step and person-to-person process at operational level.

Next year, when top management reviews the policy and its related procedures, it will be much easier to SIGN them off.

Even if there is a change, maybe in the country’s laws, or in international best practice, or just in the way the company does things, the policy will probably stay the same. Only the procedures will change – and they don’t need to be signed at such a high level.

Please, get it over with. Get the policy and procedures written. You will be really glad you did!

Go here if you would like me to help.

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