Authors I Reread

Authors I Reread
Authors I Reread
Authors I Reread
Authors I Reread

These days, authors who write more than one book often write in more than one genre and I  do not always like everything they have written. But the ones I do like I re-read often.

Dick Francis

I love the integrity and resourcefulness of his characters – and the horses. He died in 2010 but his son, Felix, has taken over seamlessly. They research such varied backgrounds and give such interesting insights into the characters’ professions.

Karin Slaughter

I love the way Will Trent overcomes his severe dyslexia.

Katharine Eliska Kimbriel

She wrote the Spiral Path trilogy about Alli Sorensson.

Lee Child

He looks such a mild man – but he knows everything Jack Reacher does.

Nora Roberts

I reread her thick mysteries and the Bride Quartet. I love how she conveys the importance of family and friends. I also read the In Death series but she writes enough of those that I don’t need to reread them.

I find Judith McNaught and Susan Wiggs similar but I don’t reread them so often.

Robin McKinley

It was she who started me on fairy-tale retellings. Her imagination is amazing because each book is so different. The first book I read was The Blue Sword and I did not know it was fantasy when I bought it. Sunshine’s stream of consciousness fascinates me – for the masterful punctuation as well as the endearing character it reveals.

Rosemary Kirstein

The Steerswoman series is a fascinating exploration of anthropology.

Tamora Pearce

She sets a very high standard for writers of fantasy for teenagers.

W.R. Gingell

How does she write such in-depth characterisation so quickly? She is a master of the art of suggestion, telling you just enough to keep you reading.

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