MSWord Page Layout

Page Layout

In earlier lessons, you learnt about Shortcuts, Navigation and Options. Now you are almost ready to learn how to change the Letter to Format so that it will print out like the Letter Example below.

Learn about margins
Use the Reveal Formatting pane

1.        Learn about margins

This is how the margins are set up. See how the arrows show where the measurements apply. The header takes up the upper part of the top margin and the footer takes up the lower part of the bottom margin.

Illustrates a page with body text and top, bottom, left and right margins. Shows the spacing of header and footer from text and page edes.
A page showing top, bottom, left and right margins, with header and footer.

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2.  Use the Reveal Formatting pane

Place your cursor in the paragraph whose formatting you want to see, press Shift+F1, and the Reveal Formatting pane opens on the right of your screen.

The Reveal Formatting pane featured in an earlier blog post.

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