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Keyboard Shortcuts

Shortcut Key Assignments (Commands)

To speed up the repetitive task of formatting reports, create shortcuts on your computer in its Normal template:

  • Open MSWord.
  • At the top left of your screen, click on the File tab.
  • A menu appears with three panes.  On the left are the options, in the centre is Information About the document, and on the right are the document Properties
  • In the left-hand section, at the bottom, select the Options option. 
What you get when you select the File tab.
  • The Word Options dialog box pops up.  
  • In the left pane, select the Customize Ribbon option.
  • The right pane changes into two panes.  Below the right-hand one is a Keyboard Shortcuts label.  
  • Click on the Customize… button next to it.
  • The Customize Keyboard dialog box pops up.  
  • In the Categories list box on the left, drag the scrollbar all the way down so that you can select the All Commands option.
  • In the Commands list box on the right, scroll down to select the AutofitContent option, which makes a table fit to its contents, instead of being as wide as the page.
  • Place your cursor in the Press new shortcut key edit box and enter the shortcut – I suggest Alt+Shift+A for AutofitContent.
  • Click on the Assign button at bottom left.
  • Repeat for all the COMMANDS listed below.
    • COMMAND AutofitWindow
      Description Fit the table between the left and right margins
      Shortcut = Alt+Ctrl+Shift+A
    • COMMAND FormatParagraph
      Description Change the appearance of the selected paragraph/s
      Shortcut = Alt+P
    • COMMAND FormatStyle
      Description Apply, create or modify the style
      Shortcut = Alt+S
    • COMMAND InsertCrossReference
      Description Insert a cross-reference
      Shortcut = F2
    • COMMAND InsertField
      Description Insert a field
      Shortcut = Alt+Ctrl+Shift+F
    • COMMAND InsertNewComment
      Description Insert a comment
      Shortcut = Alt+Ctrl+M
    • COMMAND InsertSectionBreak
      Description Start a new section
      Shortcut = Alt+Return
    • COMMAND ParaKeepWithNext
      Description Keep a paragraph and the following paragraph on the same page
      Shortcut = Alt+K
    • COMMAND ParaPageBreakBefore
      Description Make the current paragraph start on a new page
      Shortcut = Alt+Ctrl+Shift+P
    • COMMAND TableDeleteColumn
      Description Delete a table column
      Shortcut = Alt+Shift+C
    • COMMAND TableDeleteRow
      Description Delete a table row
      Shortcut = Alt+Shift+R
    • COMMAND TableDeleteTable
      Description Delete a table
      Shortcut = Alt+Ctrl+Shift+D
    • COMMAND TableToOrFromText
      Description Convert a table to text or text to a table
      Shortcut = Alt+V
    • COMMAND ViewHeader
      Description Display the header in page layout view
      Shortcut = Alt+H

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