Section Breaks 3 – Page margins

Section Breaks, Part 3

Microsoft Word requires a section break when there is a change to page margins, orientation (portrait or landscape) or size, to footer contents or header contents.

How to set page margins

Go to the Insert tab, Page Layout group and select the dialog box launcher at the bottom-right of the group.

The Page Setup dialog box launcher

The Page Layout dialog box pops up. It has three tabs. When it first pops up, it displays the Margins tab shown below. The default margin sizes are 1.5 inches (2,54 cm) because that is the US preference. (Go here to find out how to change the unit of measurement.)

Page Setup - Margins
Changing top, bottom, left and right margins

Margins are measured from the page edge to the text edge.

If these are the margins settings you always use, click the “Set As Default” button.

Page orientation can also be set in this tab..

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