PowerPoint Presentations

Presentation is key to communication

Presentation is how you communicate.  How you communicate decides whether your audience remembers your message. Use a Microsoft PowerPoint slide show to get your point across to a group of people – so that they remember it.

 Learning by seeing versus learning by hearing

The slides present the information in bite-sized chunks for people who absorb information best by seeing it, while you explain to the people who absorb information best by hearing it.


Studies have shown that, if you illustrate your slides, your audience is more likely to remember the content. The illustrations should be suitable for your target audience.


Use animations to make sure that the points appear on the screen one at a time, so the people in your audience pay attention and cannot read ahead of you.

Let me do it for you

I love the challenge of compiling a presentation, with a suitable theme, colours, illustrations, clip art, shapes, tables, a table of contents, hyperlinks…

Give me the content and let me put it together for you.

Click here to see an example of my work. It took me about 32 hours to create the slides and notes, format, animate and check it. It does not have illustrations because I felt the subject matter did not warrant them.

Click here to see my rates.

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