Excel is the Microsoft spreadsheet program. It is a wonderful tool that grows more versatile every year: With a bit of work, it can be used to achieve the things done by other specialist programs, if you cannot afford those programs yet.

It can analyse any kind of data – employee, financial, logistical, materials, project, statistical, weather…


Let me know what you want to achieve and I will create a worksheet or a whole workbook to achieve it. See some options below:

Analysis and formulae

Excel tables list data, formulas manipulate the data and, together, they produce reports, e.g., a log of business kilometres travelled during the tax year.


Several Excel charts can be used together to illustrate related data and they can be made interactive with slicers so the user can combine the data in different ways. Below is an example by Mynda Treacy at My Online Training Hub. (If you want to learn how to create your own dashboard, I strongly recommend this website.)

Pivot Tables

Excel pivot tables isolate different elements to display relationships and  help managers analyse scenarios.


Excel can be programmed to produce reports in words or figures for a multitude of purposes, e.g., statistics, financial statements, monthly salaries or a report of money outstanding from debtors every month.

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