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Control+ABC Shortcuts

Many of the MS-Word shortcuts are used by other computer programs too. For most of them, just hold down the Control key and press a letter key at the same time, then release both keys.  See the results of using the A, B and C letter keys below.

Control+a   All – select All the text in the current file
Control+b   Bold – make the next or selected text bold
Control+c   Copy – the highlighted text to Paste it elsewhere

Click here to see the list of the shortcuts for the whole alphabet.

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Harvard Referencing Style Examples

The Harvard style is a simple, flexible style of acknowledging the books and articles referred to in a document. Most universities require a variation of the Harvard style to be used consistently in a thesis or dissertation. Click here to see examples of how to use the elements of a reference in the Harvard style for various kinds of publication. The example below is for a book.

Note: If the back-to-top links do not work in the downloaded PDF, please contact me, and I will email you the document.

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How to manually format reports in Word 2016+

Note: This training manual is a work-in-progress. What you will learn when it has been completed is as follows:

  1. Shortcut Key Assignments
  2. How to move around a document
  3. Text and Tables
    1. Format a covering letter
    2. Set up the follow-on page of a covering letter
    3. Format a table in Word
    4. Format a table in Excel
    5. Copy the table from Word to Excel in various ways
    6. Troubleshooting

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Click here to download a free Excel logbook to record your business travel kilometres for tax purposes.

Contact me if you need help customising it for your use.

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Printable business forms

Do you need an invoice, statement, receipt, application or some other business form you can put to use right away? You can get these and hundreds of other forms for free from Formville.

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Word Tips

Click here to access Allen Wyatt’s excellent free daily and weekly tips.

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