Apricot Cheesecake

Apricot Cheesecake


  • 1 pkt Tennis biscuits
  • 100 g lemon or orange jelly
  • 150 ml/1 cup boiling water
  • 80 g sugar
  • 400 ml chilled Ideal milk
  • 120 ml butter, melted
  • 1 tin apricots, mashed
  • 250 g cream cheese
  • 5 ml vanilla essence
  • 150 ml cream (optional)
  • cherries, chopped nuts or Flaky chocolate to decorate


  1. Grease a 20-cm pie dish.
  2. Mix biscuit crumbs and butter for base.
  3. Press into pie dish.
  4. Place in refrigerator or deep freezer to set.
  5. Dissolve jelly in boiling water.
  6. Cool in fridge or deep freeze but do not allow to set.
  7. Mix cream cheese, sugar and vanilla essence.
  8. Beat Ideal milk till thick.
  9. Add to cream cheese mixture.
  10. Add jelly and mix well.
  11. Pour into prepared pie shell.
  12. Refrigerate to set.
  13. Decorate with cherries, chopped nuts or Flaky chocolate.

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