Elaine’s Recipes

Mum and me in 2012

My mother, Elaine Phillips, is a wonderful cook and baker, and dressmaker, and cake decorator, and embroiderer, and knitter – and mother. My tribute to her influence in my life on Pinterest is echoed here.

My mum and her mother, Anna Wynne, swapped recipes with their many lifelong friends. Mum’s kitchen cupboard is full of handwritten and cut-out recipes, each with its own memories of who gave it to her and the occasions when she made it.

Visitors are always offered tea and cake.

My Pinterest board is dedicated to recording as many of my mum’s and gran’s recipes as I can find for posterity. I will keep adding to the list below.

Elaine’s Recipes

Volume Conversion Table
Oven Temperature Conversion Table
AAlmond Fingers
Angel Cake
Apricot Cheesecake
Apfel Streudel
Apple Cake
Apple Tart
Avocado Dip
BBaked Sultana Pudding
Banana Bread
Banana Pudding
Beef Olives
Berry Fruit Bowl
Biscuit Crust Flan
Boiled Jam Pudding
Butterscotch Pie
CChocolate Cake
Christmas Mincemeat

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